Influencer Map

Athlete Map


The branded map shows where the influencer cameras are located.

Influencers and superfans share from their TotalVU GoLive app and appear on the map. By announcing to their followers about it, they bring millions of followers to your content from a different demographic.

Athletes, cast and players who are wearing cameras are featured with a face icon to let fans see their point of view or hero cam action wherever they are.

TotalVU partners with advanced camera manufacturers with exceptional motion stabilization so even sports can have POV cams.

Watch how the athlete map with leaderboard creates an amazing new experience while watching…



Chat &

Video Call-In


We are crazy about texting while watching TV. Sharing your $.02. TotalVU offers chat invites and private rooms to text with friends. So much better than thousands of strangers commenting on Facebook Live or Youtube Live!

Text Chat is automatically moderated. Manual moderation is also possible.



Even more, with TotalVU, viewers can video-call into the live event. Wonderful for awards shows.

Producers are on-call to screen the audience and call them back when it's time to be on the show. Video call-in is automatically queued to producers who screen the callers and call them back when it's their turn.

Callers can appear on any camera feed of the map.

TotalVU can delay the transmission as required to allow for moderation.

video call-in.png


Social Connection & Shopping

We want to Tweet, Post, search, and shop while we watch TV.

With TotalVU, participate in your social stream while you watch, so the video keeps playing. No need to open another app and lose your sound or video.

The show can ask you to weigh in and reward you for it, using TotalVU quiz.

Shopping from browsing to checkout is easy, without leaving the show.

With T-Spots, even the ads can respond in real time, like deliver you stuff during the show.


social tray open.png




Quizzes, Surveys and Votes are created live by producers, and can include points for the answer, and display results in real time.