With TotalVU VXOD (Video Experience On Demand), the viewers have all of the content. This is a transformation of the viewing experience.

Watch the sport or match you want and the athlete you want, because you have all those moments now, to choose from! You are not limited to what’s on the broadcast.

Explore other things happening live, through backlot, greenroom, audience cams and more.

With TotalVU your choices of in-sync camera views include cellphones, 360, VR, motion-stabilized Point-of-View, drone, you name it.

Listen to the audio that works for you.

Pick your choice of in-sync audio from multiple announcers, such as home team, away team, radio, your languages, social media influencers, liberal, conservative, or the main produced audio while watching any other video camera from the show.

Of course, the Main Screen also goes full screen, for times you are Chrome-casting or using Apple Play on the big screen.


Watch how well changing cameras works in live or VOD content...



360 & VR

TotalVU can present multiple 360 cameras to the ticket holders and viewers at home. Viewers can wear phone-based VR headsets to immerse themselves.

360 and VR toolbar.png

Watch 360 video below in TotalVU…